How To Fail With Elizabeth Day (May 20, 2020)

Daisy and Elizabeth has a beautiful chat about failing to go to university, feeling the need for constant validation, wanting to do things for their own artistic sake but being hamstrung by other people’s approval, body image, living with anxiety (which manifests as hypochondria), feeling lost in her late teens, dealing with rejection, the weirdness of overnight fame and Connell’s silver chain (in-joke there for Normal People mega-fans), how she approached the part of Marianne, her on-and-off-screen relationship with Connell (Paul Mescal), how they filmed those extraordinary, respectful sex scenes and the story behind Marianne’s fringe.

Elizabeth Day: Daisy is 21 but speaks with the wisdom of someone three times her age. She is so open, so funny, so kind and so generous in this interview that I know it’s going to be a great help to a great many people, especially as it’s Mental Health Awareness Week and we need more people to talk like this. Thank you Daisy, you’re insanely talented and a genuinely lovely person and I’m so grateful you replied to my Instagram DM.

Back To One (July 2020)
In this episode of the Podcast Back To One (The no nonsense, in-depth, actors-on-acting podcast from Filmmaker Magazine), Daisy talks about her love of acting with accents, the importance of creative chemistry, how she manages her acting insecurities, and much more.

She’s barely in her 20’s, yet Daisy Edgar-Jones has given us a 12-part acting technique masterclass in the form of her portrayal of Marianne in Hulu’s hit series “Normal People.” Every state of emotion, every point of transformation is reached with striking authenticity stemming from this complex character. It’s a timeless performance for the ages.

The Empire Film Podcast (March 18, 2022)
The Empire Film Podcast talks to Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones about their film Fresh, their musical tastes, and much more in a fun interview. Daisy Edgar-Jones/Sebastian Stan Interview — 27:54.00 – 40:42.00.

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