Here you can find a collection of quotes from Daisy herself, all gathered by the Dear Daisy staff from interviews through the years. This page is updated regularly with new additions, so make sure to check back!

“Any drama student who is seriously ‘into drama’ should audition for the National Youth Theatre because it’s the best company. I joined when I was 14 (which is the youngest age you can join) and it was difficult to get in because they only want the best in the whole country, but I auditioned and made it.” – On the National Youth Theatre

“When I was young at primary school, I was very average at subjects, I wasn’t really ‘good’ at anything, just in the middle – and quite shy. Then, when I was in year five, we did a school play – and that was the first time I remember people saying “wow that was really good” and I thought ‘Oh… I’m good at something!’ It seemed acting was just the thing that I was best at.” – On finding out she liked acting

“As much as I loved and am grateful for a year of consistent work, there were times when I was lonely. Really missed my friends. I just haven’t seen them. I was away for something like 10 and a half months out of the 12. And that little bit of time I was home, I was jet-lagged. Bad company.” – On the time after Normal People

“I’m here in my apartment. I’ve just watched another season of Below Deck. I’ve had another meal of order-in food. I bought a candle and I felt … joy? But is this enough? Should I be living it up more? Is this how our 20s are supposed to be?” – On Covid-19 Lockdown

“My grandad moved in with us when I was about 11 as well. He died when I was 16. He had a very strong Northern Irish accent. Another big influence. I’ve played a lot of characters with accents, and I feel like I’ve sort of kept bits of them in my subconscious. Whenever I get shy, whenever I find it hard to speak as myself, little pieces of these accents sort of creep out.” – On her Normal People accent

“The stuff we read, the TV and films we watched, they all held a little more weight during those months, right? For a lot of people, that was the only escape we had” – On the cultural hive-mind during 2020

““I would feel safe to tell someone: ‘No,’ And for that to be a full sentence.” – On being more prepared for potential uncomfortable incidents on a set