Yesterday, Sony Pictures released the second official ‘Where the Crawdads sing’ trailer! It features several new clips of Daisy as Kya, and it look so promising. I haven’t been this excited about a film in a long time, and thankfully we just have to wait two more months!

Where the mysteries lie. Where the secrets are buried. Where The Crawdads Sing. Watch the new trailer, featuring the new original song by Taylor Swift. Uncover the mystery this summer, exclusively in movie theaters July 15.

Daisy is featured on Interview Magazine’s online website today, with a brand new photoshoot and an interview! She and her friend Phoebe Bridgers interviewed each other about impostor syndrome, eating on-screen, and creative turnoffs. You can find the 4 photoshoot photos in our gallery, and read the full interview below!

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Interview | It’s been two years since Normal People made Daisy Edgar-Jones a star. Her achingly naturalistic performance as Marianne Sheridan in the television version of Sally Rooney’s best seller captivated audiences, and launched a career that is now coming into view. This year, the 23-year-old Brit puts her talent on full display with starring roles in a cannibalistic rom-com (Fresh), a Mormon murder mystery (Under the Banner of Heaven), and the latest product of Reese Witherspoon’s adaptation factory (Where the Crawdads Sing). As busy as she is, Edgar-Jones still had time to chat with her friend, musician Phoebe Bridgers, about impostor syndrome, eating on-screen, and creative turnoffs.


PHOEBE BRIDGERS: How’s it going, dude? Where are you in the world?

EDGAR-JONES: I’m in New York, but I’m leaving for L.A. tomorrow.

BRIDGERS: I just watched Fresh. I knew what it was about and it still scared the shit out of me (1).

EDGAR-JONES: I love that you were scared. Well, I don’t love that you were scared, but it’s a bit mad.

BRIDGERS: It’s so, so good. I love when there’s acting in a movie that has to fool both the audience and another character, like in Mulholland Drive, but I don’t want to give too much away. When you read a script, is there usually a scene that makes you super nervous?

EDGAR-JONES: A hundred percent. In every job, there’s that one scene you know is coming. Usually, they put it right at the end of the schedule, and at the end of the day. You know it’s coming, and you’re like, “I just want to get this scene over with.” I definitely had that with Fresh. I’ve had that with pretty much everything I’ve done. With Fresh, the scene post-credits, it goes to such a crazy place.

BRIDGERS: Do the scenes that make you nervous have a common theme? Or is it just a heavy, emotional scene every time?

EDGAR-JONES: It’s also when you really love a scene. In Normal People, there was a scene where I didn’t realize how much it meant to me until we started filming it. It’s the scene with Marianne and Connell, where he comes back and he’s got a bloodied nose, and she’s with Jamie at that point, and they have a conversation in the kitchen. I loved that scene so much in the book, so when it came to filming it, I was like, “Oh, my gosh, I’m really nervous.”

BRIDGERS: Sometimes the super emotional scenes aren’t the most challenging, it’s the subtleties. Especially with a character like Marianne. How can you get betrayal, keeping it cool, love, all that shit on your face at once without saying fucking anything ever? That character just won’t communicate.

EDGAR-JONES: We both just emote at each other the whole time, silently. It’s so crazy. [Laughs] It’s kind of how real life is. So much of Marianne in the latter part of that series is numb as well. Trying to play active numbness is quite hard.

BRIDGERS: Totally. Okay this is a fun question. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten on set?

EDGAR-JONES: One of the worst things I’ve eaten was actually for Fresh, but it wasn’t the meal you’d think. There’s a scene where Jojo (Jonica T. Gibbs) and I are having a casual chat, eating a breakfast burrito, but the flippy egg—we had to eat that flippy moist egg so many times, even now it makes me feel sick.
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Daisy and her Fresh co-star Sebastian Stan are featured on Flaunt Magazine’s website to promote their film, and it includes a steamy new photoshoot! They both look incredible, and the interview is a fun read. Daisy talks about how she first learned about Fresh, London, her co-star and much more.

Ever had a bad dinner date? It’s not the law attraction—rather the law of averages—that ensures anyone putting themselves, out there on the love-seeking scene today will encounter their fair share of whackjobs, weirdos, and ghosts. But no dating disaster you’ve been through could be worse than what befalls the characters in gripping new Rom-Com/ Horror film, Fresh (Hulu). Starring young British actor Daisy Edgar-Jones (Normal People) and seasoned leading man Sebastian Stan (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I, Tonya, The Martian), Fresh begins by exploring the dynamics of the contemporary dating world… before crossing the boundaries of… taste…

Stan plays Steve, a handsome, single doctor who accidentally (but we realize later, of course, on purpose) strikes up a conversation with Daisy Edgar-Jones’ Noa in the produce aisle. It’s all so natural. They exchange numbers. He texts her. They go on a date. It’s a good date. Since they met IRL and not through an impersonal app interface, they skip a few steps and quickly get intimate. Noa’s best friend, Mollie, (played with verve by Jojo T. Gibbs) finds Steve’s lack of digital presence disturbing, but enjoying the love-buzz, Noa throws herself into her exciting new romance.

But Noa’s soon to find out—the very hard way—that behind this charming facade, ‘Steve’—a pseudonym—is really quite something else. Instead of the sophisticated getaway he promises her, she’s face to face with primal fears, and her sweet, sensitive lover is revealed to be a mix of Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and American Psycho, prone to Patrick Bateman-style musical interludes as he … well, that would be giving it all away. Suffice to say, in classic horror movie style, trapped in a mysterious house in the woods, Noa has to find a way to get out… And Fresh—directed by Mimi Cave, written by Lauryn Kahn, and produced by Adam McKay (Don’t Look Up, The Big Short, Vice)—is the clever, knowing, and full of suspense result. (Read the interview in our press archive)

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The first official trailer for Where The Crawdads Sing was released today, and it looks incredible! Daisy completely transforms into Kya, and I can’t wait to see the film this July. The trailer also feature an original song from Taylor Swift, which will be released soon!

From the best-selling novel comes a captivating mystery. Where the Crawdads Sing tells the story of Kya, an abandoned girl who raised herself to adulthood in the dangerous marshlands of North Carolina. For years, rumors of the “Marsh Girl” haunted Barkley Cove, isolating the sharp and resilient Kya from her community.

Drawn to two young men from town, Kya opens herself to a new and startling world; but when one of them is found dead, she is immediately cast by the community as the main suspect. As the case unfolds, the verdict as to what actually happened becomes increasingly unclear, threatening to reveal the many secrets that lay within the marsh.

Daisy Edgar-Jones plays unlucky-in-love Noa in Mimi Cave’s directorial debut Fresh. Noa gets far more than she bargains for when she meets surgeon Steve – played by Sebastian Stan – in the fruit and veg aisle of her supermarket.

It may come as a surprise to men, but dating can be dangerous, and many women will relate to the lead character in Daisy Edgar-Jones’ new film as she navigates the difficult world of online dating – and the behaviours that come with it.

The star became a household name during the pandemic playing Marianne Sheridan in the TV adaptation of Sally Rooney’s best-seller Normal People. The show was a huge hit for the BBC, getting over 62 million streams on iPlayer in 2020, making it their biggest series of the year.

She admits it’s been an odd time – though of course not just for her. “I mean, it’s been a wild ride for us all and it definitely is strange going into a pandemic one way and coming out and it being quite different,” Edgar-Jones told Sky News. “It has been sort of crazy.” The film Fresh was one of the opportunities that came the actress’s way after Normal People came out.’

The black-comedy thriller is a directorial debut from Mimi Cave – and is a movie that is best enjoyed the less you know about it before watching.

Edgar-Jones says it got her attention because of the clever way it looks at what women experience as they try to navigate finding a partner. Continue Reading