Hello DEJ fans! Daisy is featured in the new June issue of Vanity Fair UK, with a pretty new photoshoot! Our gallery has been updated with digital scans and the photoshoot, and you can read her article below.

Need someone to bring your blockbuster book to life? Just give the star of Normal People and Where the Crawdads Sing a call.

When Normal People arrived on Hulu in 2020, the adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel made a star of Daisy Edgar-Jones. The actor and avid reader has continued bringing more beloved books to the screen, including Under the Banner of Heaven and Where the Crawdads Sing. In the meantime, there’s Sundance darling Fresh, a comedy with a cannibalistic twist. Edgar-Jones reflects on her whirlwind rise and what chapters may lie ahead.

THE ONLY CHILD of a film editor mother and television executive father, Edgar-Jones fell for acting during a primary school play about Henry VIII. (She played Anne Boleyn.)

AFTER FOUR YEARS in small TV parts, she landed Normal People. Costar Paul Mescal “will always be one of my best, best friends. We were terrified, and we really held each other through that experience. Actually, we just went to Coachella together.”

SHE’LL NEVER FORGET filming Fresh’s more gruesome scenes. “ ‘You want to have a shot of my bare arse on the operating table?’ That was the weirdest professional discussion I’ve ever had.” Reading the zany script, she remembers thinking, This could go really wrong. “But, do you know what? This is my 20s. I want this to be a time for learning.”

HONORING HER character in FX’s Under the Banner of Heaven, a murder victim, was crucial. “Brenda’s family is still alive, and we have an opportunity to share her life.” As pageant queen Brenda, the actor also performs “The Rose” onscreen. “Bette Midler, man. It’s quite a tricky song.”

AS A FAN of Delia Owens’s book, Edgar-Jones braved lightning, floods, gators, and cockroaches filming Crawdads in New Orleans. “I kept thinking, This is the scene in the book where…. And then going, Oh, my God, but we only have 20 minutes to film it.”

UP NEXT, she’s looking for a summer project, adjusting to Hollywood—“It’s surreal to be in a room with people you’ve been watching all your life, you feel like you stepped inside the telly!”—and hoping to get a call from Wes Anderson.

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Yesterday, Sony Pictures released the second official ‘Where the Crawdads sing’ trailer! It features several new clips of Daisy as Kya, and it look so promising. I haven’t been this excited about a film in a long time, and thankfully we just have to wait two more months!

Where the mysteries lie. Where the secrets are buried. Where The Crawdads Sing. Watch the new trailer, featuring the new original song by Taylor Swift. Uncover the mystery this summer, exclusively in movie theaters July 15.

Hello Daisy fans! This Monday, the annual Costume Institute Benefit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art was held in New York City. The theme for the gala this year was gilded glamour – a reflection of the Gilded Age of New York, which spanned from 1870 to 1890. During this time period, the city was becoming progressively modernized socially, economically, politically, and even fashionably. The Met Gala paid homage to the tailors, dressmakers, and designers of the time.

This is one of the most prestigious events in the industry, and Daisy was invited as a guest of the Fashion House Oscar de la Renta! She walked the red carpet with her ‘Normal People’ co-star Paul Mescal, and seemed to have a really fun evening with him and his fiancé (and Daisy’s close-friend) Phoebe Bridgers. I’ve searched high and low for photos from the event (hence why the post is a day late) as it’s really fun to see Daisy at such a big event – she’s really taking Hollywood with storm! Daisy wore a custom Oscar de la Renta crystal chainmail fringe dress with a bandeau top, accessorized with Tiffany & Co. jewellery at the gala. If you want to learn what products it took to get her stunning make-up, her make-up artist shared all the details on Instagram here!

Our gallery has been updated with high quality photos of Daisy at the red carpet, inside the event and at Tom Ford’s After-Party. We also have two beautiful new photoshoots, done during the preparations for the event! One is by Greg Williams, and the other was taken by Maxwell Swift for Vogue. Vogue also did a piece of Daisy following the event, which you can read below. Enjoy all the new content!

Even before Daisy Edgar-Jones set foot on the carpet at the Met Gala on Monday night, she understood the event’s biggest draw: the cast of characters who fill the Metropolitan Museum of Art with their expressive fashions and vibrant personalities. “I think I’m most looking forward to the people watching,” Edgar-Jones shared while getting ready at the Peninsula Hotel. “It’s my favorite pastime, [and] I think this will be the Olympics of people watching.”

Edgar-Jones has a knack for observation. The 23-year-old star disappears into her roles, and whether she’s pulling off an authentic Midwestern accent in her Hulu mini-series Under the Banner of Heaven, or embodying adolescent ennui in the adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel Normal People, she gets the details right. That quality came through in Edgar-Jones’s Met look, which perfectly executed the night’s theme. Her shimmering shift dress designed by Oscar de la Renta’s Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim featured layers of crystal fringe.

Modern and youthful, while still calling to mind the flapper gowns of the 1920s, the dress was intended to capture Edgar-Jones’s sparkling personality. “When designing a Met Gala look – and most specifically, someone’s very first Met Gala look – you are trying to make a stamp that represents the person you are that year, that moment,” says Garcia. “Daisy always has a very content, appreciative, joyous energy to her, and because of this, I knew a relaxed glamour approach was right. This two-piece crystal look that is layered on top of each other feels perfect for her as it is gilded glamour through the medium of Daisy.”

Garcia and Kim’s distinctive fringe also serves as a preview of their next runway show. “We were developing these beautiful crystal tendril pieces for our upcoming collection. During the development process, I sent them to Nicky [Yates], Daisy’s stylist, and explained how effortlessly cool they felt, which is very much the energy Daisy has always exuded,” Garcia explains. Though the embellishment was impossible to ignore, Garcia wanted the look to feel understated. “The simplicity was essential for me when thinking of who Daisy is at this time, as she is a very fresh talent, full of possibilities,” he says. “Keeping it cool and effortless while still playing into the gilded glamour through the draped crystals is what felt right for this year. Everyone has a different stage in their life they come to us in, and it is our job to listen as ‘fashion therapists’, and find a way to best communicate this to the world.”

With her hair coiffed by George Northwood and a Cher-inspired turquoise smoky eye created by make-up artist Vincent Oquendo using Shiseido, Edgar-Jones looked like a million bucks. Platinum and diamond earrings from Tiffany & Co. added a final touch of bling before the star hit the red carpet. Describing the total look as “wicked”, she hit the carpet and then enjoyed a night of revelry alongside pals like her Normal People co-star Paul Mescal. Even with all the excitement of a magical night on the town, Edgar-Jones admits she’s looking forward to enjoying some simpler pleasures the moment things calm down. “The last year has been pretty non-stop [and] I spent a huge amount of 2021 away from work,” she says. “Now I’m enjoying being able to spend a little more time at home this year.”

As you already know from our post earlier this weekend, Daisy is featured on the cover of The Sunday Times’ Style Magazine this month, and our gallery has now been updated with digital scans and photoshoot outtakes! I hope to eventually replace them with better quality versions, but for now, these are still well worth a glance – this is probably one of my favorite Daisy shoots to date.

Big thanks to my kind friend Hanne for helping us get these scans!

The actress became an overnight star aged 21 thanks to Normal People — and the self-confessed ‘good girl’ has been working nonstop ever since. But behind the scenes there’s just a normal twentysomething who’s desperate to kick back and make some mistakes.

Think of that great scene in Fleabag where the guy goes, ‘It’s just a haircut,’ and she goes, ‘It is not just a haircut!’ ” Daisy Edgar-Jones says, stabbing a chip into the air for emphasis. The 23-year-old actress is explaining to me why, while she finds it hilarious to be attached to 2020’s most famous fringe — which spawned articles in every publication from the Daily Mirror to Vanity Fair — she also totally gets it. “Hair says so much about how we want to express ourselves,” she says, and her fringe “has good vibes”. She had it cut just before auditioning for the role of Marianne in the adaptation of Sally Rooney’s Normal People, which clocked up 63 million. (Read full interview here or in the scans in our gallery)

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The heart and soul of Under the Banner of Heaven is a woman named Brenda Wright Lafferty. The real Brenda was raised in Twin Falls, Idaho, an agricultural city about two hours southeast of Boise, known for its spectacular — you guessed it — two falls. Her father had a degree from Cornell and both parents encouraged Brenda to go to college and chase after her own dreams of being a broadcast journalist. But Brenda’s life took a turn when she transferred to Brigham Young University in Utah, where she met and fell in love with Allen Lafferty. The Lafferty clan were a bastion of conservative Mormon ideals in Utah and Brenda — beautiful, ambitious, and outspoken — butted against the family’s ways. Around the time Brenda married Allen, his older brothers were falling under the spell of Fundamentalist Mormon beliefs, which included polygamy and blood atonement.

FX’s Under the Banner of Heaven tells the horrifying story of Brenda’s murder in 1984. Based on Jon Krakauer’s non-fiction book of the same name, Under the Banner of Heaven follows fictional detectives Jeb Pyre (Andrew Garfield) and Bill Taba (Gil Birmingham) as they try to unravel what would possess anyone to kill not only Brenda, but her 15-month-old daughter Erica. It’s a disturbing deep dive into the intersection of Mormon history and contemporary crime, but at the center of it all is the memory of Brenda, played by Daisy Edgar-Jones.

During a recent FX press day, Edgar-Jones told journalists that Under the Banner of Heaven creator Dustin Lance Black had collated an immense amount of research, including primary sources for Brenda.

“I had a lot of access to the letters she had written to her sister and I think something that really struck me was what an incredibly empathetic person she was,” Edgar-Jones said. “I think in the scenes that we see, particularly in that first episode, we watch her watching people quite a lot. And I think that was something I really wanted to capture, that she’s someone who is always kind of more concerned with the experiences of the people around her than what’s going on for herself. And I think that empathetic quality was what I really wanted to try and emulate in my performance.”

Besides capturing Brenda’s “empathetic quality,” the British Edgar-Jones also nails her suburban Idaho accent. (At least, as someone who has family in Idaho, I think so.) In a recent interview with Decider, Edgar-Jones joked that she had to figure out how to get back to her own accent after doing three different American accents in the last year.

“But I think it really does inform a character, even from a physical perspective. I didn’t realize until I started working in accents how the way we speak affects the way we move. It’s really fascinating,” Edgar-Jones said.

“With Brenda she grows up in Idaho, but she’s also wanting to pursue broadcast journalism so I wanted there to be some neutrality to her voice. Because obviously she wants to be a news reader. One thing I wanted to convey was her warmth and I think that’s very present in that accent, and in that voice.”

Brenda is one of the few female characters in Under the Banner of Heaven who is constantly using her voice to advocate for herself and the people she loves. While other Mormon women feel the pressure to acquiesce to the men in their lives, Brenda believes that the Holy Spirit not only speaks to women as well as men, but that her thoughts, dreams, and ideas matter. Nowhere is this more evident than in two scenes in Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 2. In the first, Brenda navigates sexism in her workplace; in the second, within the Lafferty family.
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The Under The Banner of Heaven cast has been busy doing promotion work for the show over the last days, including a string of interviews for various online magazines, YouTube channels and websites. Instead of posting a new post every time a new clip is released from their press day, I’ve decided to add them all into this one big master-post for easier browsing! I have added 3 to begin with, all which can be checked out in our video archive below. This post will be updated in real time whenever additional press interviews are added to our video archive, so make sure you keep checking back – or, you can additionally browse the entire Under The Banner of Heaven Promotion tag in our video archive here!

I will also add screen captures of any videos I come across that is available in both good and clear quality, and those will be added to this category in our gallery. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to see caps added from an interview that is currently missing!

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    PopSugar - Andrew Garfield and his Under the Banner of Heaven castmates Daisy Edgar Jones, Gil Birmingham, Chloe Pirrie, and Tyner Rushing had a blast telling us how they decompress after a long day of shooting seriously intense material (oysters and small knitted hearts are involved), and Andrew describes his new career as a crime fighter with great sincerity.
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    #AndrewGarfield and #DaisyEdgar-Jones discuss their new true-crime drama " #UnderTheBannerOfHeaven ," Andrew's sneaky #Spider-Man return, and Daisy's other co-star Sebastian Stan with IMDB
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    Under the Banner of Heaven stars Daisy Edgar-Jones, Chloe Pirrie, and Tyner Rushing share how they brought some joy to the set of FX's new true crime drama.

In addition to their appearance on The View, Daisy and Andrew also visited the Today Show yesterday to promote Under The Banner of Heaven. Check out their interview below! I haven’t been able to find any stills or photos from their visit yet, so I’ve added screen captures from the clip for the time being. I hope to have some better quality photos soon, keep checking back…

Actors Andrew Garfield and Daisy Edgar-Jones join the 3rd Hour of TODAY to talk about their new true crime series, “Under the Banner of Heaven,” based on a real-life mystery. The pair talk about building a connection without having any scenes together and lightening the mood with dance parties on set.

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Exciting news! Daisy will be the cover star of The Sunday Times Style issue released on May 1st, featuring a gorgeous new photoshoot by photographer Charlotte Joanna Hadden. To celebrate the issue and Under The Banner of Heaven, the magazine has released a behind the scenes interview which you can watch below. The cover can be found in our gallery, and we will of course add scans as soon as possible. Make sure you pick up your own copy of the magazine when it hits the stands!

To celebrate her new show, Under the Banner of Heaven, we sat down with Style cover star Daisy Edgar-Jones to play a game of Finish the Sentence. What is Daisy’s favourite memory from shooting Normal People? What does she look for most in a script and what was her funniest experience on set? Watch now to find out.

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